It is really important to have the proper pond pump and filter when you are building a pond or lake, and this article has been designed to give you tips on how to purchase the right pump amid the hundreds of garden pond pump options that are available. Note that there are more information on the Internet regarding this subject, but we prepared very basic info so it is advised to start from here and then seek for more information on the web.

The_Aquascape_EcosystemYou will need to calculate the volume of water that will be in your lake to get started. Measure the length, width and overall depth of the pond or lake and then multiply those figures together. Unfortunately, you will have to recall some basic math skills to figure this out if your lake is circular in shape. It is essential to get the volume of your pond or lake accurate in order to ensure that the pump you purchase will be able to completely filter all of the water each hour. It is important to not skimp on this and only purchase a pump that can pump the entire volume within an hour’s time.

PRESSURE-FILTERS-1So, make sure that you take precise measurements and compute the volume accurately, as this step is critical. If this step is not done with precision, you will not be armed with the knowledge needed to purchase the right pump, with the end result being an ineffective filter.

If you plan on having a water feature, like a waterfall, then you need to know before you select the pump for your new pond. If the pump is not able to handle the force of water going against gravity, then your water feature will not turn out as you hope. There’s no point in going to the expense and labor of constructing a pond and water feature if it is not going to function properly.

C260Another thing to take into consideration is how much it will cost you to own, maintain and operate your pump over the next five years, adding in the initial purchase cost and the energy costs for running the new pump, remembering that it might end up costing you less to run a more powerful pump that won’t have to be run as frequently as a smaller one.

A good strategy is to buy a pump which is actually more powerful than you really require because, while you can always reduce the power of a pump, you can’t increase its maximum power. If the pump does not have to work as hard, it will have a longer life.pond-pump-e1399661303738

If you are not comfortable installing the pump yourself, the final step after purchasing your pump is to seek assistance from a qualified electrician. Because the combination of water and electricity can be extremely dangerous, this is a significant consideration. Of all factors, the most important is to not risk your health.